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R&D Systems R&D Systems was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, USA, with 630 employees and a product portfolio comprising over 25000 specialty items for research. The key products are

✓ Proteins
✓ Antibodies
✓ Multiplex Assays/Arrays
✓ General Laboratory Reagents
✓ Activity Assays & Reagents
✓ Stem Cell & Cell Culture Products
✓ ELISpot Kits and Development Modules
✓ Flow Cytometry & Cell Selection/Detection
✓ Biomarker Testing Service
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Tocris Biosciences Tocris Biosciences was acquired in 2011 from Tocris Cookson. Today it is a part of R & D Systems belonging to the Technie Corporation. It offers over 3000 life science reagents and products and tools for laboratory research.

Its main product range comprise Pharmacology products (7TM Receptors, Ion Channels Nuclear Receptors, Enzyme linked receptors and others), Cellular processes biochemicals (angiogenesis apoptosis, Cell metabolism cytoskeleton and motor proteins, signal transduction stem cells signaling pathway products), molecules, toxins, probes, ligand sets and a host of products used in cancer research, cardiovascular research, endocrinology, immunology and neurosciences, etc.
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Boston Biochem Boston Biochem is a world leader in ubiquitin related research products, aimed at helping speed up drug discovery efforts. Life science and research labs depend on Boston Biochem for their requirements of Ubiquitin and ubiquitin like proteins (Apg8, FAT10, ISG15, NEDD8, SUMO, UFM1), enzymes, substrates, inhibitors and kits. Boston Biochem is a part of R&D Systems of Techne Corporation group, a supplier of cell biology reagents. Bostion Biochem focuses on new product developments in this segment. In association with Tocris Bioscience, it makes inhibitors and substrates that complement ELISA kits and antibodies from R & D Systems.
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Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Biotechnology is based in Santa Cruz, California, USA and is primarily engaged in proteomics research products. It is one of the few companies offering

✓  a comprehensive line up of primary antibodies,siRNA/shRNA, transfected cell lysates
✓ Protein A, Tissue Extracts, Cell Lysates,Specialty Reagents and Buffers
✓ Gene silencers, biochemicals, labware and support products for advanced research and laboratory use in biomedical, life science, molecular biology and proteomics research
✓ Veterinary supplies
✓ General Laboratory Supplies


AnaSpec AnaSpec Inc specializes in proteomic and genomic solutions for use in life science researches. It is a subsidiary of Eurogentec and is in operation since 1993. Its range of products cover:
✓ Peptides
✓ Detection
✓ Sensolyte Assay Kits
✓ Antibodies
✓ Fluorescent dyes and quenchers

✓ Amino Acids
✓ Synthesis Reagents
✓ qPCR & qrt-PCR reagents
✓ Oligonucleotides
✓ Cloning, Expression and gene analysis

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RayBiotech RayBiotech offers a host of high tech products for research and lab use. These are:

✓ Antibody arrays, protein arrays, screening arrays, quantitative arrays
✓ ELISA kits
✓ Phosphorylation kits, antibodies, proteins
✓ Testing services—array, scanning and analysis, ELISA testing, Peptoid Services, custom quantibody array and array printing services
✓ Peptoid Ligand discovery services
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Cedarlane Labs A Canadian company, Cedarlane Labs also has offices in USA and elsewhere. It commenced operations in 1957 and is founded by Doctors from the Ontario Cancer Institute. Its specialty is research reagents. Its range also includes monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, cell separation media and complements for tissue typing. Its range of specialty products includes cell lines, antibodies, HLA antisera, Lympholite, Immunocolumns and others. Cedarlane holds ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications Cedarlane has proved an invaluable ally to the research community by providing top quality products to meet present and anticipated needs in biotechnology.
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Bachem Bachem is specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of biologically active peptides and complex organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and as innovative biochemicals for research purposes. It offers a wide range of biologically active peptides, immunology products and biochemicals used in peptide research

✓ Research Products: 9500 biologically active peptides, amino acid derivatives and biochemicals, custom synthesized products, venom libraries and clinalfa range of sterile products
✓ Peptide active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs): the world's leading manufacturer with a range of over 90 generic drug substances.

Bachem has 40 years experience in drug manufacturing and offers assistance services for international regulatory documentation compliance and assistance from dedicated teams for R&D, production, quality and regulatory affairs.

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